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10 Ways PR Professionals Drive Journalists Crazy

TOW #13 – COMM 4333

It is important for Public Relations professionals to keep good connections with journalists, do not tick them off 😀

1. When PR professionals do not regard deadlines.

— A PR professional needs to remember journalists have strict deadlines to follow and have their information together. By working together, both parties are able to be effective and on time.

2. When PR gives journalists a unreliable story.

— Give journalists the information they need, and enough facts and details that they are able to write a story. Do not waste their time with a story that will not work.

3. Repeated calls and follow ups.

— This is a technique used in the PR industry a lot more often with journalists. They have a lot more stories to cover than just your client, therefore stop calling them – it is not necessary.

4. Public relations professionals use different writing techniques than journalists.

— PR professionals use a lot of hype words, journalists are not trying to interest the reader as much as inform them. Try to avoid words that are to just get people’s attention or make a story appear better than it really is. This is just a way to better relate and work together.

5. Journalists can never get a hold of public relations professionals.

— Hilarious to see that PR people will call a journalist 100 times, but they are never available either. If you are always calling journalist, then the least you can do is pick up the phone.

6. Lacking cooperation

— Most media guidelines emphasize that public relations personnel should always be helpful/cooperative with the media. There are many times that PR people are not helpful or available to give more information.

7. Inappropriate Requests

— PR people shouldn’t make more work for Journalists. They hate it when PR people bombard them with further requests about publications, etc.

8. Public relations professionals try to sell their story.

— Keep the story to the facts and let that sell to the public. You can not have a story sold, it needs to be truth and journalist have to keep it to facts.

9. News Release Spam

— You have to submit releases in the correct format. Journalists hate it when they receive incorrect releases. They consider such as “nothing but spam” in their inbox.

10.  Journalist do not want public relations professional gifts.

–Journalists feel like these are bribes and do not accept it the way PR people do. There is no reason for gifts to be given in this industry, just don’t do it.

Drea ! xoxo

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