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Writing for Radio and Television

Reading Notes #9 – COMM 4333

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques-6th Edition-Wilcox, D. states in chapter 9 that broadcasting reaches a wide audience through different mediums. 94% of adults over the age of 18 listen to the radio on a daily basis.

Radio news releases have a specific format, which is time sensitive; important for 30 seconds to be exact and same with a 60 second announcement. Important to be easy to read, double-spaced, and easy to read on the spot. Write out the numbers- one thousand NOT 1,000 whenever you are writing a news release.

They have a ANR (audio news release) which is a pre-recorded news release that is sent in complete. Actuality is a news release that a radio announcer would read off the entire announcement. A sound-bite includes both a announcement read and a customer testimony.

Tips to keep in mind: Topicality, Timeliness, Localization, Humanization, Visual appeal.

Public Service announcements are unpaid announcements that promote the programs of government or nonprofit agencies for the public interest. They can announce all type of information and events to the public through the media and it is a free service. Many times you hear government agencies announcing new programs available to the community.

After midnight is when most of the PSA are aired, health are the most common Public Service Announcements.

Television is a very powerful media because it is in every household nationwide. Talkshows really get the word out to the madd audience because of their popularity.

Get Your Story Out There:

  • Send TV station same news release you send to local print media.
  • Prepare media alerts or advisory that would lend itself to video coverage.
  • Call them or e-mail the assignment editor.
  • Write producer (VNR) video news release – like an audio news release but is formatted for immediate use. 5,000 are produced a year. Includes 90 second news report and much more. ($20,000- $50,000 in price)




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