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Tell the Media Your News

Reading Notes #10 – COMM 4333

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques states that there are many ways to get your information to the media.

This is the only way that public relations can be effective and productive, therefore you need to get the information to all types of media and companies.

This chapter details such methods as e-mail, online newsrooms, electronic wire services, feature placement firms, mail, and faxing. Although there are many other ways to distribute also.

Main databases are written media, newspapers and magazines. Radio/TV/Cable gets the word out fast about what is going on. You can either hear it, hear it and see it, or just have basic cable which is hearing and seeing still. Internet Media are all your online media coverage. From CNN updates or even hulu or other forms of media. Editorial Calendars trade publications and business periodicals. Tip Sheets – find media personnel in material.

Distribution of Materials

  • E-mail
  • Online newsrooms
  • Electronic newswires
  • Mat distribution companies
  • Photo placement firms




  1. November 19, 2010 at 6:53 PM

    Yeah, I found it very interesting that the text categorized the different forms of media like that. The different forms of material distribution were helpful when putting everything into perspective.

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