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Multicultural and Diverse Audiences

Reading Notes #12 – COMM 2322

According to Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, there are many diversities in our society.

Age Diversities

  • Importance nagging – appeals to parents’ desire to provide the best for their children.
  • Generation Y – people born after 1980.
  • Generation X – people born between 1965 and 1980.
  • Baby boomers – born 1946 and 1964 high rush of babies after World War II.

Global Audiences

  • Be culturally sensitive.
  • Russia is a cultural challenge – They have alot of black market.
  • Understand the cultural values and routines.

Matching Audience with the Media

  • Americans spend about 3,500 hours a year consuming media, in all forms.
  • Television and Radio is majority of consumed time.
  • Radio is the best for mobility.
  • Internet is good for fast breaking news.
  • Print media is effective when trying to retain and remember information.
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