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Communication During Crisis

TOW #12 – COMM 2322

Based on the class lecture on Public Relations During Times of Crisis, crisis management is an integral part of the public relation professional’s duties. They are responsible for handling alot of important parts of their client’s affairs, but one that takes most time and effort is during crisis. During my PR applications class on November 11th, we discussed the fact that crisis is inevitable; but, the way a PR agent and department handles the situation will determine the outcome also.

There are four types of crisis in the public relations industry that will be identified. A meteor is a crisis that comes out of nowhere and it is a situation that has no precedent or warning. Then there is the predator crisis which is when one person is attempting to create problems and hurt the image of a company of person. A breakdown is the crisis that involves the person not doing what they should have or could have in a situation. The last crisis is lingering, this can be self-explanatory. It lingers past the issue and reflects poorly on the company, organization or person.


A crisis kit would include contact information on key spokesmen and officers, along with prepared statements. There should be a specific statement for each type of disaster, including natural disasters. This is an important part in the crisis management team because the quicker you release a company statement, the reduction in press attention is more extreme. The lesson is to always be prepared for anything to surprise your company or client, as a PR professional the crisis management needs to be thorough and extensive since this is the majority or responsibility.

Make sure to keep in mind that riding the storm will give the situation time to settle, it will pass over.

Drea ! xoxo

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