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10 Tips on News Releases

TOW #13 – COMM 2322

The news release is also called a press release and is a written document for the purpose of distributing the information to mass media outlets. The newspapers and broadcast stations receive their information from the document, and appropriate it according to several issues. This is the way Public Relations agents can publish their clients and events. Time to write an effective news release.

1. The event or client information has to be newsworthy. This is going to be published in the newspaper and in magazines and it needs to be of interest and currently happening.

2. Answer the questions who, what, where, why, and when. This will give the reader a better understanding and the earlier in the news release, the better.

3. Be creative with the presentation of your words. Capture and hold the attention of your readers throughout the entire release, since more outlets will be interested in printing it for the public.

4. Editing is very important.

5. Keep it one page.

6. Provide as much contact information as possible.

7. Double check information.

8. Relax with the adjectives and extra verbiage.

9. Be the most effective in the beginning 10 words.

10. Localize when and if you can.

Drea ! xoxo

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