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GLEE Creates New Limits

PR Connection #12 – COMM 4333 and 2322

GLEE started season three, and has been pushing the limits ever since. Everyone has been loving the new season, but controversy began to swarm when 2 characters displayed the first gay kiss on the show. This has never been dared on this television series, and now there are rumors a gay marriage ceremony will be taking place on the sitcom, within a few episodes. There are many in the gay community who are not solely proud of this public display, but also hopeful that this will encourage more “gays” to feel comfortable and accepted. Acceptance is being overused in the entertainment industry, we are allowing our lives to be infultrated and views to be compromised by doing nothing. What do you think about the new topics on GLEE? Surprised or dismayed at their new season issues? Send me your feedback loves!

Drea ! xoxo

  1. November 18, 2010 at 7:52 PM

    Interesting topic. I do not watch this show for those very reasons, but then again it is acting and it is based off of our culture. I never want to say it is ok to be gay, but then again I don’t want to assume a show is trying to brain wash and rebel against it. Every movie has sin in it and we watch them, so I would be pretty hypocritical to go and say that this is wrong, is sex before marriage in other movies not wrong? I think sin is sin to God and our focus shouldn’t be so much on getting people out of it, but loving them as Christ did leading them to want to leave their sin behind. It will be interesting to see where the show goes with the topic.

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