Writing for the Ear

Topic of the Week #9 – COMM 2322

NewsU courses have been pretty exciting for me. This is a new resource Professor Nixon introduced me to this semester and it has taught me on all different grammatical and legal issues we will face when hired to that first corporate job. The most current lab I took was Writing for the Ear. This was an assigned course to sharpen our storytelling skills that will be a great skill to keep on point. When writing feature stories journalists are in charge of writing their piece to evoke emotion and to tell a story. Whether a light or heavy issue, the goal is to draw listeners into the event and show them how they relate.

I learned how to tell stories with all the facts and emotions without having too many words or including unimportant tidbits. I was able to read the information on storytelling and then play games that had me determining whether or not the track was narrated, fake or a recorded audio feed. I also got to learn to split a story into short, and concise sentences; it was very informational.

I was shocked at the amount of information I questioned even after going hrough multiple communications classes and reading the material. I know this has a lot to do with my writing style and structure, both are elemens I have een trying to improve. Piching stories is an art for the persuasive. I was shocked by the amount of planning and time goes into the pitch and depending on how prepared and sharp you are, will depend on your stories sucess and demise. Even though a great story is important, having a solid pitch is imparative to that dream becoming a reality.

I would love to learn more about the tools of revision. They mentioned the tools that will help us proofread our stories  but I would love to research more about this part of the process. I know the more proofreading, the more respected my story will be since multiple errors are unacceptable.

Drea! xoxo

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