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Spotlight: Martin Waxman

Topic of the Week #10 – COMM 2322

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Professor Nixon had the pleasure to join us in our public relations interview assignment. She conducted an informal, one-on-one, cyber conversation with the very well respected professional, Martin Waxman.

I had never heard of Mr. Waxman until this interview but I have actually been following him on twitter since the beginning of the semester, he even follows me back. Waxman has a PR agency in Toronto, ON who does work for everyone from Atkins’ Diet, to many health and beauty companies. He also produces a podcast every Wednesday called insidePR because he prefers the conversational speech rather than writing on a blog. I loved his theory that professors need to develop their social media knowledge to connect with their students more proficiently and use these tools we have been given.

I was shocked at how many different positions he holds. Not only is Mr. Waxman the president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc. but he is also a professor at a nearby college in his free time. His words of caution shocked me because it was a strong warning not to allow small grammatical and stylistic errors to be present in your blogs because companies will not hire someone without having the basics covered throughly; they have no issue to turn away interns and new hires because of similar mistakes.

I would love to learn some of the steps I can be taking before graduation and what type of “portfolio” I should be assembling for when I enter the real world and begin searching for jobs. I also want to look up the exact statistics on the issue Professor Nixon mentioned during the interview; that people will tell more people when they receive bad customer service from a company then when they receive great service! I was surprised to learn that and would like to look deeper into that research

Drea! xoxo

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