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Purpose of Evaluation

Reading Notes #9 – COMM 2322

From Public Relations Strategies and Tactics-9th Edition-Wilcox, D. & Cameron, G., the term evaluation is defined as the fourth step of the public relations process.

This is the step where all the data and is measured and the planning process goes under scrutiny, so the results are tested against the objectives.

This comes in handy in the Public Relations industry because it gives a PR company or agent the ability to show their client the accomplishments and current statuses.

Evaluations can be conducted using the 5 communicator objectives, and would be taking note of the measurement of productions.

One of the driving facotrs for better ways to evaluate production is so they can improve on the next public relation event. This will show them the weaknesses their event had and the specific areas they need to improve on.

There are ways to measure how well your message is exposed to the public. Some include the amount of hits it recieves on the inernet and even the actual event attendance, both are just as important when trying to get accurate evaluations of the event’s success.

This textbook can be found here.

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