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The Basics for Bloggers

Topic of the Week #8 – COMM 2322

Invasion of privacy was one of the main topics in Online Media Law: The Basics for Bloggers and Other Publishers. Some of the other topics I learned about were copyright infringement, privacy and even defamation of character. This was a very interesting course because it confirmed information that I never saw in the legal light. I have watching court tv and seen the issues with defamation on an individual level; as a journalist or public relation agent, we have to know what legal obstacles there are. We have to be sure that our writing is original with no room for copyright infringement or plagiarism. the internet has opened a world of “copy and paste” that makes it hard to determine the difference between original work and a colleagues idea.

What surprised me the most about the information I read was just how simple and easy it is to be mixed up in a legal issue caused by negligence. I have always been aware of guidelines and stipulations to follow; but with the evolving internet and popularity of blogs, there is not a distinct line between the right and wrong. This causes confusion for many because they do not take the time to know their rights and responsibilities as a professional. Taking these legal precautions seriously can be the factor that protects a journalist from losing their career.

I learned most of the legal information in communications Law this past summer but I was glad that I got a different perspective from a different curriculum. I know my rights and responsibilities now more than ever, perfect preparation to a bright future in this industry; time to apply all these lessons in my career. #tunnelvision

Drea! xoxo

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