PR: OpenMic

Topic of The Week #9 – COMM 4333

AHHHHH! I just fell in love with this website. PR: OpenMic is a social website for students, faculty and practitioners. They are able to share all types of information in the professional world. While checking out this site, I first noticed the section about blogs. This is my favorite because this is when I am able to glean important information from others in the industry. I am also able to comment on other blogs, of people that I do not even know. the connection this creates over boundaries and states allows a broader spectrum of information and knowledge. Blogs are always informative and helpful, but having them incorporated to a “social media” type website makes it even more beneficial.

The second greatest section of this website is the events section. Here you can choose between visiting a group, an event, or to add an event. This is an amazing way to connect with other professionals and faculty to let them know about upcoming events. More people are able to get involved and network through the groups and event section. I even searched for events in the Lakeland area, but no events are planned in the area.

The final section I want to discuss on this blog post is the job/interns section because a PR student or professional can check on all the newest opportunities in this industry. Whether looking for a vice president position or a entry level job, there are many opportunities that are shown on this website. It s also has very easy instructions for sending a resume and applying since it is still a small wesite.

Come check out this website for all yor public realtions needs and connect with other professionals. Also using the members page, search for friends from the University or your current job. Find others who share the same experience and learn from those who have more knowledge in PR. I was able to find alot of current and past classmates along with Professor Nixon (: love her.

Drea! xoxo

  1. valeriy
    November 19, 2010 at 1:51 PM

    I also found PR Open Mic to be a valuable networking site. There is great resources available for students and professionals. Its difficult nowadays to find a valuable site that is dedicated to one thing and that it not covered with advertisements and trying to sell memberships. The job/intern page is great, it beats those major job searching engines like and PR Open Mic makes it really easy to be a part of a community who share the same interests and want to help each other. To be honest this was one of the best websites that I learned about this semester.

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