I Voted!

PR Connections #10 – COMM 2322 and 4333

Tuesday America voted for our future governors and senators for our government. There is always controversy surrounding these elections, character bashing from opponents and everyone trying to push their own campaigns. Elections have been one of the most unique features of our country since its foundation, but lately many Americans have passed up their right because they perceive the entire process as a “hassle” and a waste of time. Whether this is due to the scandals or inability to uphold their promises, the next generation is 54% less likely to participate in any American elections.

Voting has always been difficult since walking onto the Southeastern campus four years ago, but the extra effort has always proven to be worth it. I had to send absentee ballots every election, including the 2008 Presidental Election and this last Tuesday’s governor election.

I think this is an important American right and each college student should take the time to vote, whether or not it is convenient while away from home. The movement across America to encourage students to vote has been ery influential to many, but there is still a large perentage that refuse to get involved in the political arena. Most are not able to recognize the urgency to have this next generation stand for what they believe in. We all have heard the sayings that if we do not take a stand for our individual rights, they will be taken away from us before we notice. Changes have been made in our government, in our society and our culture but we need to make the difference; taking advantage of our voice.

Drea! xoxo

  1. November 9, 2010 at 9:24 PM

    Good for you for voting. It is so important. I know we all say that but do we believe it? Because if you did I feel like more people would be proactive about voting. The statistic that 54% of the next generation is less likely to participate in American elections is insane. Something must be done to make sure we are using out right. Ha. And I feel you on the absentee ballot, I attend school out of state so it takes an extra effort to fill out the paperwork and do an absentee ballot. But it’s worth it!

  1. November 9, 2010 at 10:31 PM

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