The Lead Lab

Topic of the Week #8 – COMM 4333

I always recommend these NewsU courses because I just have enjoyed them and gotten a lot out of them. I would love to describe my reaction to the NewsU the Lead Lab I took last week. This course focused on the basics.

What did you learn?

I think this was a great confirmation and reminder on the basics because I was able to practice writing the leads for a story. This was very beneficial because it sealed into my understanding by applying what I had just experienced. One of the best aspects of these mini classes is the interactivity because I learned the information of the lead through writing it and was fully involved the entire time. I also learned the different ways to write a lead and the styles for each one. This was a great exercise for me also since I have not learned many lead differentiations and now I have a bunch of references and can write them better than before NewsU lab.

What surprised you?

A lot of the details I learned in the lab were just confirmation from other communication seminars and classes. I was not aware of all the leads mentioned and I was surprised that I could really enjoy writing the leads. I improved through this practice and really loved getting all the ideas for leads.

What do you want to know more about?

I want to see more examples of the different kinds and from people’s feature story writings. I should look up all types so that I can make sure it has all the necessary elements for a great lead. Many time I get into a rut and only right the most direct lead, but taking some time to brainstorm would make my story that much more intriguing for the reader. It is always important to cover all basis in the lead, since it will make or break the story.

Drea! xoxo

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