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Fact Sheets, Advisories, Media Kits, Pitches- OH MY!

Reading Notes #6 – COMM 4333

Preparing Fact Sheets, Advisories, Media Kits, and Pitches is all covered in chapter 6 of

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques -6th Edition-Wilcox, D.

Fact sheets come in all different forms, including event information, new product details and for corporate profiles.

A fact sheet is a one page background sheets about an event, product, or the organization.

A media advisory is also known as an alert and it lets the press know about a certain upcoming event and should try and persuade them to cover the event with publicity. The key to this is showing the press multiple reasons of why they should be involved and how it can also benefit them!

Media (press) kits are a wonderful tool to assemble in time for a product launch or a major event.

They include the fact sheets for the specific event or product, along with the main news release and a news feature. Background information about your product needs to be in the kit also so that the reader will be able to know about the organization.

Photographs and captions should be inside the presentation and a short bio on the spokesperson allows an inside look for all the press agents. Brochures can show a different side of the project including some of the testimonials or pictures of prior events. All of the information we compile for the media kit is to give them a better idea of who we are and our purpose.

Never neglect the visual aspect of it because the receiver will always want a professional and neat presentation; therefore, the kit should be placed in a new folder with the organization name written on it.

Preparing a perfect pitch is a process and the key to persuasion is tailoring it to the specific client. Find out how they like to be contacted and build a mutual trust between you and the reporter because the networking will prove to be very beneficial.


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