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PR Connection #6 – COMM 2322 and 4333

Blogging has been a great experience this semester because it has shown me another form of social media that has proved to be very informational and educational. I have learned to love blogging and learning from all my classmates’ blogs also. There are new lessons to learn and my classmates have helped my experience with blogging because we are all participating on a similar subject. there are many classmates in my PR Applications class that I enjoy keeping up with, they are able to communicate a real message to me during my busy day. I even rely on these student blogs many times to inform me of different events taking place locally and nationally.

Out of all the great blogs I have glanced at and commented on, my favorite blog is amandajaidynne. I love the simple background she has with lots of great information in the texts. Amanda also does a great job at finding random pictures in her posts that are perfect for her “nature” themed blog. She has a lot of information on the blog about entering the world of public relations since this is her first formal introduction to the industry. Amanda uses all the various elements of writing and personalization, that I love to read her blogs. One of the best blog she has written was the Resume and interview tips, Stand Out. This will help many graduating seniors because she took time to write all the information presented by Professor Nixon, and other great resources that really gave me a lot of insight. This blog post has helped me already because I have applied some of her ideas. Topic of the Week is another great category in her blog to read because she is always updated on them and she takes her time to write a really great paper, really helpful and encouraging to the other students trying to work as hard as possible and create interesting posts.

  1. October 22, 2010 at 8:45 AM

    Thank you for your post! I’m currently taking a course on social media marketing, was introduced to the world of blogging and have not looked back since. I blog about creating a fun environment to learn about social media. Finally, I found something to replace my addiction to Cafe Restaurant!


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