168 Hours of Twitter

Topic of the Week #6 – COMM 2322

I was introduced to twitter by Professor Nixon because she showed the importance of networking through this website. I never got into the craze at first, but now see it as a useful tool for companies and even Public Relations agents. It is important that each person can keep up with their account in order to learn and teach others key tips they learn. The best part about twitter is that companies are able to see what the general public is “tweeting” about their customer services, products or image and they are able to benefit their company. They can respond when their name is used in a “tweet” and then address a large crowd at once, using the website twitter.com

I was surprised that I was able to connect and learn a lot from the posts others were commenting on. I was able to know a lot of current events that I usually would not have known about. Since I am a working college student, time for television and especially news. This is where I am able to pull up my twitter on the iphone and find out all the newest stories around the globe. For example, last week GAP re-designed their logo and within an hour of their release, the entire world was commenting on the change via twitter. They thought the change was not positive for the company because it was not a logo that stood out. They got the exact opposite reaction than they counted on. Now, because they knew immediately how their consumers were reacting to the change, they could take it into consideration and now re-design it once again. Twitter has many benefits, I plan on using it in my career in the future

Drea! xoxo

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