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Public Relations is Expanding

Reading Notes #5 – COMM 2322


Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics

Chapter 4: – Public Relations Departments and Firm Departments

  • Public Relations continue to expand from its traditional views and functions to be at one of the highest levels of media. The Public Relations role in the traditional sense is a lot more controlled and regulated.
  • While the modern translation is still about the organizational structure, they have revamped it into a “corporate communications”, between the public and the offices of big corporations. Smaller companies and celebrities will generally use the term, “public relations”.
  • The level of influences each company or individual carries has increased with the aid of twitter, blogs and even facebook pages. The ability to interact and comment on company decisions, follow and interact with celebrities creates a completely new branch, social media, which has made a huge trend and quick.
  • There are different roles in each department and structure. Line and staff functions include the management interactivity and levels of influence because they handle those duties.
  • There are friction sources, which are the different compartments like legal, human resources, marketing and advertising. Each role and department works together to ensure each job gets done properly.
  • Some examples of services they provide include the following:
  • Marketing communications, research and evaluation, media analysis, all the rises communications will also be a service provided. They will be in charge of the community relations, a vital part of a successful company, especially during an important event.
  • Public Relations Firms can be situated strategically in capitols and large cities. That can be a great area for many professionals to settle their careers.
  • As with everything, there are both advantages and disadvantages in using a Public Relations firm but each professional has different strengths and abilities. With a firm you are able to gain a little more credibility from the firm and there are extensive resources available to you. On the flip side, you tend to form a superficial grasp of the client’s individual account and it would be more expensive for your clients, which could be discouraging.
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