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Into the Real World

Topic of the Week #5 – COMM 2322

Do you remember when you registered for your first semester of college classes? ( might have been more for some 😀 ) It has been almost four years ago when I began this journey call college and walked onto campus of Southeastern University. Once I started to feel comfortable, the years flew by too quick. The semesters and summer breaks all got shorter and the good times were many throughout my time. As I am enjoying one of the last semesters of my college career, I know all the lessons I have learned and wisdom I have gained both in the classroom and out. May will come sooner than I know it, and when it does, the real world will be ready to welcome me with the choices of career opportunities. Graduation poses the question, it marks the fork in the road.

In Public Relations Strategies and Tactics, Wilcox and Cameron describe the various advantages and disadvantages that come with each career choice. When working for a Public Relations Corporation, less individuality and personal policies because it is regulated on a bigger scale. This would be a completely different situation if one is working for a smaller group. One may enjoy the ability to share and grow with other practitioners that share the same interest and field. This career choice may also prove to provide better benefits and access to support from the company. This would be my choice after graduation! I know that this would be a great place for me to begin my career with the full support of others and a firm that will show me and train me in important areas. I believe this would be a great opportunity for me but it is also a personal decision; that should be evaluated on an individual level.

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