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The Social Network

PR Connections #3 – COMM 2322 and 4333

You don’t get to 500 friends, without making a few enemies.

Controversial Beginnings

The Social Network opened October 1, 2010 and has been quite successful since the release. Many were cautious at first glance, thinking it would be all about the website and the craze of facebook, when in actuality the movie focueses on the controversial history of the website and how it became what we “can’t live without”. One idea from a set of friends was dead without a way to hack into Harvard’s confidential records and personal information; but once they met the perfect programmer, Mark Zuckerberg, he agreed to make it happen. This leads to a controversy of a stolen idea, and the brains of the operation decides to sue the teckie for creating “their” website solo. It created for an exciting and thrilling drama.

I also want to take you beyond the big screen to the secrets behind the scenes.

Hollywood’s Newest Faces

The Social Network was a success from the moment they decided to make a movie on this actual event. Creates the perfect plot! Once they knew how they wanted the story executed, they picked an incredible cast who portrayed the movie very “realistic”. Yes, there are some well-known faces in the cast of the “facebook movie”, like Justin Timberlake, but there are also many who debuted with the new release as well. They blended the familiar faces with those who we were introduced to through the film. They will not be Hollywood’s little faces for long though; some of the new talent, have already found their next gig. The co-founder of facebook, Andrew Garfield, will be in the upcoming movie, Spider-Man revamp. This will be a great opportunity to find his niche in the industry. Rooney Mara, the ex-girlfriend in the film, recently got casted over Scarlet Johanson and a few other Hollywood favorites in a coveted role, The Girl Who With The Dragon Tattoo. Both actors are shooting towards the tops. Both of these stars have caught their break and have impressed the top-dogs to be given such a great opportunity so swiftly. It will be nice to see how they can fashion their career and continue to grow.


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