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Practice Makes Purrfect

Topic of the Week #4 – COMM 4333 and 2322

NewsU course was a really interactive learning experience for me because in that course they had exercises where I needed tocorrect grammar errors and this is something I love to do. I have always achieved high scores in reading and writing but I am learning that my skills need to be continually sharpened. In this lesson, I thought it was valuable to be incorporating the already known tidbits with the new information presented in the lesson. I thought it was great to brush up on my punctuation, style, modifier and pronouns but was very surprised I did not do much better on that quiz. This just goes to show you that no matter what level of education you have achieved, there is always room for growth. My course also showed me great style for journalism, which I have never previously noticed, but the course shows the way it should be done in the industry.

When I practice these rules and begin to apply the tips from this course, I know that it will completely revolutionize my writing from “great information but grammatical errors”, to professional writing for my career. This is the most beneficial aspect of these courses because we are reading information above and beyond the limits of our University’s curriculum into the world of Public Relations and all it has to offer. Whenever I need better information or knowledge on a subject, I will turn to Poynter University for further knowledge and practice to sharpen the skills I already possess.

Take time to visit the website and take advantage of the free resources available to us through the world wide web, all resources that will enhance and improve your writing, puntuation, style and understanding of the media industry. Enjoy!

Drea xoxo

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