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Be Original- No Copy and Paste

Topic of the Week #5 – COMM 4333

I once had an extreme issue with writers block, especially with a 5 page paper on the theory of pursuassion, with 3 hours to turn it in. I was in a bind but I knew if I could only find some valuable websites explaining the topic, I could gather the correct information and get an A. Although I had great intentions, I would scroll to a website and find that the other person worded it perfectly. It was the exact way I would have written it, if I was slightly knowledgeable in this subject. ‘What to do’ was always my immediate question. While reaching for my mouse, I right click and copy the entire essay and… STOP! Even though it would be really impressive and relatively effortless, It is wrong.

In Chapter three of Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, it discusses the issue of plagiarism. Plagiarism has become a recent epidemic with the internet access to free information and viable resources, people do not give enough credit where it is due. I have personally seen and participated in plagiarizing both unintentionally and for lack of more time. This can not be acceptable for students and professionals alike because we should be credited for the hard work we have done and not rewarded for someone else’s time and effort.

There were many techniques found in the chapter, trying to advise how to avoid plagiarizing other people’s work; the one that works best for me is STAY AWAY FROM COPY AND PASTE. That will be my downfall every time because I will attempt to “only get the idea” and then find myself trying to only change a few words. This is unacceptable and everyone needs to write their own, and gather their own ideas. Plagiarism can be on a variety of different levels, from writing an essay to the logo of a product, when gathering ideas from someone else’s project or paper- don’t stray from your own thoughts and words.

Drea xoxo

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