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How Did You Know That? ..Facebook!

Topic of the Week 1 – COMM 4333

I am involved in all types of social media. Some of my favorites include blogging and facebook because both of them are personalized, I am able to get out information of my own life and create relationships with those who have similar interests. When blogging, I am able to tell a story using both pictures and links into my daily life, both the important and not so important topics. When I write, I am able to tell the story and express myself, which can allow me to have an outlet, a place to be me! I think that is the most unique part of blogs, its just my own personal space on the web. The other type of social media that distracts me from any other work I have to accomplish is facebook. The one source of procrastination for me. But there are many other uses for this website as well. Through facebook people are able to connect and network with each other regardless of their global location. This is used both for social and business reasons, meaning that all types of people and companies flood the airwaves. I love to be on it because my favorite restaurants and retail stores offer discounts and promotions all the time and all my friends are also on facebook. I will be chatting with friends in California while seeing advertisements for stores and seeing pictures from family vacation on the other side of the world. The many aspects of facebook attracts and holds the attention of many different people – making it the biggest social website around. In conclusion, I love social media and do not remember life without it. There are many different aspects and ways to connect with social media but my two favorites are blogging and facebook. I have not yet explored the amazing features of twitter, but once I do, I know that it will be another favorite to add to my list.

Drea xoxo

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