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Communication is the Key

Reading Notes #2 – COMM 4333

Persuasive Speaking

  • Yes-yesstart with points which audience agrees with
  • Offer structure choice- force to choose between A and B
  • Seek partial commitment
  • Ask for more, settle for less.

There are different components of communication that make it effective and positive. In every kind of communication there is a sender and a receiver.

The Public Relations professional is going to want to persuade the other party into what they are promoting .

Persuasive writing involves channeling (targeting a specific publics’ values and offering an idea associated with it), using experts as credible sources to speak on behalf of the idea, situational timing, and motivational slogans. Writing convincingly involves inserting interesting stories, remembering the weight that statistics hold over the readers, relating to emotions, and using examples, supporters, and credible sources.

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