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Where I Belong

Topic of the Week 2 – COMM 2322

A public is a certain group in society one may see themselves being a member of. I see myself apart of a few publics, including Christianity, college students and hispanics. These are groups of my life that I associate with primarily and two of these publics I have to perform the actions that associate us together and the third is one that includes culture and family groups. I believe that Christianity is my first and most important public. this is the way that my world view’s are shaped and processed because we are all supposed to walk a certain way and do things that classify us as a Christian.

The second public that I would say I am apart of is the college students group because I am along with all the other seniors who are working hard and we all can relate about what struggles and situations we are going through. When I am focused and doing my best at school, I know that the public I associate with also is going through the same issues and we can help each other and benefit from each others knowledge. This is the one public that I feel is most helpful to me because it is a give and take and therefore we all help each other through at all times.

The last public that I feel close to and a group that I am a member of is Hispanics. I am Puerto Rican and was raised in the rich culture and my family taught me many of their traditions and way to live. This has shaped my views and therefore my close connection to the culture and the lifestyle my family has always lived. When I moved away from my family is when I realized that this was also a culture I accepted and lived because I was on my own and did not abandon the culture instille in me.

Drea xoxo

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