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Fall in Love with Blog Comments

Topic of the Week 3 – COMM 2322 and 4333

Blog comments are the perfect way to give feedback and discuss the topics presented. This not only allows the writer to be critiqued and challenged and others can participate and contribute. The way we learn about different perspectives and ways to accomplish things is from collaboration and that is how blog comments enhance our knowledge on all types of subjects. Social media has connected the world and made it seem we are all down the road. Comments from friends in Japan will appear instantly to my laptop in Lakeland, Florida.

Blogging etiquette is a vital part of blogging and commenting because if we respect each others differences and cultures then we can learn from each other on how to conduct a peaceful world. These are all the opportunities that blogging creates as long as we keep our comments to enhance the experience instead of causing it to be a negative activity. Many times we are able to gain great suggestions to daily struggles and also can learn about different companies and services. If one person has battled with their weight and someone else who can relate sees the post and can find strength and network together. As she comments and shares her experiences, they learn, grow and do it together. This also applies to the corporate world because a Public Relations’ professional can compare their views against other voices, interests groups can read great commentary on current events and connect with additional websites and resources- the resources are endless! This is why blogs are so popular and why you feedback, your comments is every important to blogs !!!

Whenever you get a chance to make some comments of blogs- take it! Whether for your own benefit or for the encouragement of the writer, either way that contribution will makes blogs even more useful for you in the long run. Everyone has a voice, everyone has a story and everyone can learn something from one another, despite our many differences.

Drea xoxo

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