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Comment #1

I commented on 10.5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Twitter by Barbara Nixon

— September 16, 2010

My first response to the twitter craze was that I was NOT interested. This is because I did not know what this website was fully capable of nor how I would be able to use twitter. Even after I got the account and started to follow people, I was not convinced that I was interested. Now that I am in this class with Ms. Nixon, I am starting to see all of the uses for twitter and how it has impacted social media and they further connecting the world. Twitter, along with many other social media groups change communication as we knew it and they are leading the world in sources of information and breaking news. This is how much things have changes and shifted gears with the immense amount of technology we depend on. I am going to use these suggestions and apply them to the way I approach twitter and try to use it the way it was intended, instead of like a facebook.

Comment #2

I left a comment on MUPPET MISUNDERSTANDINGS by Dcmoceri

— September 27, 2010

Katie Perry visited sesame street last week dressed in a yellow outfit which was pretty skimpy for the daytime children’s show. Many parents and families were extremely offended by this episode and wanted it to be revoked from online sources. Even though the clothes seemed appropriate to many, the group of mothers who opposed definitely made this a news headline. I really can’t believe that thus has been made into such a huge deal and blown way out of proportion. Elmo and the gang made a guest appearance on a talk show following the fiasco; he mentioned that Katie perry was welcomed back on the set at Amy time and that they enjoyed making the episode. There should have not been a concern about Katie’s outfit, since it was not too revealing for the show! Sesame streets public relations and damage control went into full effect and they didn’t waste anytime. They wanted the public to know there should be no concern about children watching their show and the content was still wholesome after all these years !!

Comment #3

I had a comment for Bas van den Beld on common blogger mistakes

— September 28, 2010

I really enjoyed all the tips in this blog and now I am starting to understand more about blogging. I agree about a lot of your post, and these are observations I made early on in my blogging. I know that I never have been able to explore the nature of this new craze in its fullness so I am very limited in my blogging skills. The best part about blogging and reading others is to learn from others successes and failures, to gain knowledge in different areas and industries so we have to learn and grow without promoting ourselves as being the top of our game. I really think the question at the end summed it up beautifully and gave a tool I can apply to my personal and professional blogs; “Does this benefit my readers”? Great post, thank you for sharing your experience.

Comment #4

I commented on Sam Moody’s blog post Gaga “Born this Way”

— September 28, 2010

I completely agree with you Same on the fact that she is a very marketing mastermind and knows how to get the attention of the public beautifully. I also think that the talent that backs up all the promotion has caused Lady Gaga to instantly be a major competitor in the music industry. She crosses barriers of style and talent; she is a true breath of fresh air to the entertainment world because she really is unique and has something to offer.

Comment #5

I commented on Daily Writing Tips “Writer’s 5 Ws”

–September 28, 2010

I really enjoyed your blog post because even though it is the basic of journalism and writing articles, but many forget the fundamentals even if they are very educated. I still have a hard time with writing articles instead of reports because most of my writing until now has been theory paper style. I also appreciate you posting the quote from Kipling because that is an easy way to remember what all journalists need to know and apply. this will give us all the pertinent information and allow us to write an informative and understandable article for the public. Excellent post, it really was a great refresher for me.

Comment #6
I commented on Whitney Port’s blog
— September 29, 2010
I think this is a great movement your family helped. Having children being blessed with a birthday dinner and having their friends and family all around them is priceless for these families. Giving the children a special day to remember and enjoy is a beautiful contribution from your family. I would love to hear about more people doing that in their communities and for families being affected by similar hard times. This should be a movement in itself so that different areas and different families can be helped and given hope the way your family gave to your community. Happy Birthday to you and thank you for sharing!
Comment #7
I left a comment on Holy Kaw – Annie Colburg’s blog
— September 29, 2010
A new grant towards sex-education, in the public schools, will introduce a curriculum focusing on lower teen pregnancy rates. It will show students tips and techniques on not becoming pregnancy without encouraging abstinence. This will overturn the 1990 ruling of abstinence minded sex education and will have no regard towards it. I am very disappointed that congress would agree to such craziness because they know what the statistics say regarding abstinence. Since the 90’s and throughout the Bush administration, abstinence was taught; and, the result was that more students would stay abstinent or wait longer to have sex. Now that this value has been ripped out of the school system, I have no idea how this will play out. We will just have to  watch and see what happens.
you can read the full story here: Galveston News
Comment #8
— October 4, 2010
Facebook has gained appeal for many companies in the strategy for social media and a lot of companies are ready to use thatmedium for purchasing company products. That is what facebook has set up, emerging trends getting their own page on facebook to sell, collect donations, offer store credits, and challenges for new product ideas. This is a great, interactive platform because it markets the companies through a website full of the consumers, the perfect took to boost sales and create excitement among the target audience. Great post, thank you for sharing.
Comment #9
I commented on Professor Nixon’s blog post Students Should Step Up their Social Media Game
— October 4, 2010
Professor Nixon, this was a great podcast you recommended ! I know that it is important for Public Relations students to be plugged in all the different elements of social media since this is the future and goodness of the media and the trend of how things will be leading. The mentions of a product or event will spread quickly and you are able to gain, or lose, the credibility of others though all of these websites. Twitter is more of a corporate and business medium than facebook. On social media websites, it is crucial that you remain professional with style, puntuation and content because without your credibility online, you don’t have any other resource for these “friends” to access other than these. It is important to build a profile that you are proud of and keep everything extremely current.
Comment #10
I commented on Effective Blog Comments by Kewood10
— October4, 2010
I think this is a great topic you have explained. The way you communicate the importance of blog comments is nothing closer to the truth. When there is interaction and communication, bloggers are able to be challenged and can learn from other’s experiences. I know that when I blog, it feels like no one is listening and that I am talking to a wall, until I get commented on. I can answer questions, elaborate or have people learning from the blog information.
Comment #11
I commented on On The Job by Anita Bruzzese
— October 5, 2010
This is a terrifying fact of the way society is going right now. Children in schools are not having to be good at penmanship and they continue to sumbit every assignment online or type papers. The art of penmanship has been lost in the last 10 years and I know that it will continue to degenerate. My 10 year old cousin, Paris, has horrible penmanship but in her school, everything is done with the aid of a computer. When I was in school my mother was furious that they were not teaching cursive to me in addition to manuscript; now most schools do not even encourage furthering their penmanship skills instead of turning to a computer. Thanks for sharing this article!!
Full story can be found here
Comment #12
I left a comment on Elaine Bluemling’s blog
— October 07, 2010
I love your post. Not only are you giving a great testimony on your experience with this company, but you also incorporatate what others complain about in the company. Showing both sides and explaining to your reader that it is a great airline to experience if you are able to be slightly flexible. Another strong poing on the blog is all the hyperlinks you have going to outside websites and leads to more information on the company, where the reader is able to make their own decision. Well done !
Full blog post can be found here.
Comment #13
I left a comment for Sam Mooty on his PR interview.
— November 1, 2010
Her own magazine? that is very impressive at any age, especially at the tender age of 21. I am so glad you got to sit down and interview with her because she seems to have alot of passion and determination to impart to others looking on making a similiar impact. I learned alot from this inerview and the advice she gave, I also was impressed by her experience in the field before much formal schooling. I think it is interesting that my PR professional does not deal with any form of social media and yet yours has a position more focused on that specific aspect. Great Job!
Comment #14
I left a comment on Hope’s blog post
— November 1, 2010
I love this post mostly because I love all the “reality” shows you mentioned in this post. Reality has been blurred steadily since the production of these shows because many are convinced we watch real life on television. Celebrities are in arms reach when we follow them on twitter and keep updated on their activities, therefore we get connected through their weekly episodes and relate our lives to these characters. Great post!
Comment #14 – COMM 2322
I left a comment on GuyKawasaki‘s blog.
— November 3, 2010
Customer service is extremely important in the business world. There are many surveys and satisfaction cards that restaurants and businesses encourage in order to evaluate their customer relationships. I have worked in several retail stores and restaurants and have seen, first hand, the impact they have on the store. If you were their server and were praised on that survy, then you will recieve the better schedule, sections and bigger parties. Alot of guests complete the phone survey because they will get a free appetizer next time they come in but they also help the management analyze and evaluate, making changes when necessary. Great article. Go read the full article.
Comment #15
I left a comment for Holy Kaw blog
— November 4, 2010
How quickly our world of telnology and social media is evolving. Just five years ago myspace was the most popular website and was more popular than the brand new facebook. All my friends had ,myspace accounts and we enjoyed changing profile decorations and pictures. Myspace began its decline as more popular websites emerged and the younger the crowd became. Instead of having friends from high school, your little brothers were sending you friend requests. I am very surprised News Corp. has allowed myspace to continue running even after its extreme popularity decline, myspace became a forgotten fad quicker than it rose on the scene. Great post, thank you!
Want to know more? Find it in the full article.
Comment #16
I left a comment for KeWood10
— November 7, 2010
This is crazy that twitter has the power to announce information and be heard around the world simultaneously. We can log in to twitter and get a daily dose of the world news. This is because we can send out our own updates and the updates of people all over the world. There are many current events that I would not know about without the help of twitter, it always tells me something new, never fails. I think that the new interest in the royal wedding is crazy, just because of their status determined whether or not we all care about their marriage. This is just an example of some of the information that would remain private if they were not in the spotlight. We should let some things be private and precious instead of invading their special moment.
Comment #17
I left a comment for Gracey Somers
— November 11, 2010
This is a crazy situation. I heard about this so late, after the entire situation blew over. I have friends that personally work for Carnival and and they said that this was the most unexpected and horrible situation to happen to this company for over 40 years. I hated the food that they sent to the passengers, but I know that they must have been short for food after awhile. They were unable to cook anything and did their best by having FEMA delivering the food available and getting everything under control as quickly as possible. The Splendor is one of the newest ships carnival has and they were just never expecting this to happen. I know that carnival has refunded all the passengers and included a discount on their next cruise, they apologized for all the inconvenience. Carnival did a great job at compensating their guests and had a sincere apology also. This has caused everyone to continue to say Carnival is the #1 Cruise Ship Company.
Comment #21
I left a comment for Katie
— November 14, 2010
The company BP messed up on their watch. This made things more difficult on the entire country and the economy because it was so tragic. All of the coworkers on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico who had to clean up their areas after dealing with this issue. I have no idea the specifics or the answers to why they took so long to repair and restore the land that was affected. The oil spilling into our ocean was tragic enough but the way they handled the post-situation and aftermath was not professional or right.
Comment #22
I left a comment for Melanie
— November 17, 2010
Great post, really encouraging to pursue your dreams, no matter what they are. Sometimes following dreams implies to do what society sees as acceptable or family and friends encourage. I applaud you for knowing your calling and wants, taking those seriously and still being faithful to get a degree and be educated. I thought this post was though invoking and very informative. I know that these modern days tell us it is impossible for a one income family, but you are determined to put forth the work and dedication it takes to see your dream become a reality, one day.
Comment #23
I left a comment for Sonia Simone
— November 17, 2010
This is such a great post. I have seen alot of these working in the bloggers I keep up with, and even my own. I thought all of your points were relatable and informative because you take the information we all understand and recognize, and put a catchy theme and title, which keeps us all reading. My favorite part was,,, #5 Identicality: Its great to observe and learn from what others are doing. Take what you like and leave the rest. The sin is losing or not giving your unique spin or voice to what you do. Most have a great Identity/Persona already but choose to believe it is not good enough so they become a poor quality duplicate of someone else. Putting yourself out there is the only way to know what works for YOU.
Full blog post found here.
Comment #24
I left a comment for Scott Eblin
— November 18, 2010
I completely agree with this theory. My father is a pastor so growing up in that household was like growing up in the President’s. Leaders and congregation calling at all times, communication is key for my father because he has to be very careful with what and how he speaks. He has to make sure that everything he says is personal, fresh and clear to the leaders around him, those who serve alongside him. His main focus is to keep those around him strengthened and encouraged. They want and need to know how important they are to the ministry and the role they play in the church’s success. This verbal affirmation can be the difference between failure and success in this ministry, along with many companies around the globe. Leaders have to put these words into action because management is the backbone and hard workers will work with pride under someone who genuinely appreciates them.
Full blog post can be found here.
Comment #24
I left a comment for
— November 18, 2010
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