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NewsU Course Reaction

Topic of the Week 1 – COMM 2322

Last week I took the NewsU: Understanding Media: Processes and Principles course and saw first hand that it is a great tool to increase the knowledge of different aspects of the media. A lot of times people know the newspaper writing very well, but are a little weaker in knowing which advertising technique is used in certain commercials. These courses teach you about these relevant topics. I enjoyed it a lot and did not mind that it was slightly time consuming. Understanding media can be a difficult task because it covers such a vast majority of society, there are so many components of media that all are separate entities.

I was never aware of how many techniques and detail goes into the art of advertising. I have always known that advertisers had certain keys points to be included in order to persuade and manipulate the feelings of consumers but the course covered, in detail, all of the techniques used; therefore, I have a much better understanding on the processes and principles involved. It explained this complex subject in simple, understandable sections that were followed by interactive examples. I know that this information will be extremely viable in my career. The opportunity to already be learning where to find these extra sources and programs is a blessing because it is a competitive industry.

I recommend this course to anyone involved in the media one way or another. From film producer to the newspaper columnist, those in the ever-changing world of media, we need to know the intricate workings of each subject, including these commercial advertisement techniques. The courses Poynter News University offer are the vital pieces of information that make you a better competitor for a great job and being a well rounded public relations agent.

Drea xoxo

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