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They Call Me Drea.

My first trip to Paris, France- favorite destination

When people ask what makes me different, what contributes to who I am today, I can easily answer, being born and raised in Miami has been the most defining detail of my life. Being raised around family has taught me both about my culture while being raised in the city has allowed me to grow and be very independent in my thinking. My name is Andrea, most call me Drea for short. I grew up as an only child and had both parents very involved in my life.They taught me the importance of education and hard work which I have carried over into college. I will be graduating from the University in May of 2011 and then seeking a career in Public Relations and Journalism, somewhere I can be involved with sports since that is my main passion. I want to live every day with focus and purpose so that I am able to be successful in both my career and personal life. The beginning to the rest of my life has already begun.

Drea! xoxo

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