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Make The News

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Reading Notes #4 – COMM 4333

Making the news can be a challenge in different ways because the news is very fast paced and intricate.

There are many times a journalist will need to question the timeliness on the story, prominence and even proximity because these are all factors in its success.

Other factors on making news:

  • Significance
  • Unusualness
  • Human Interest
  • Conflict
  • Newness

There will be times when you have to look for a new angle inside a story and then others when you have to create the news from a source. News can be created because of special events in the community, stunts, rallies etc.

Always important to take the news and find a new way to present it to the general public while keeping the value of the original event.


The Spin Crowd

September 24, 2010 4 comments

Public Relations Connection #2 – Comme 2322 and 4333

One of my new shows, because I follow Kim Kardashian so much, is The Spin Crowd. I was very interested in the way the show follows a Public Relations company teeming with celebrities. Always keep in mind the shows purpose is entertainment , therefore, many situations may be edited or exaggerated. Both Jonathan and Simon commented about their new show on What’s The Buzz.

One huge point they make in this interview, and is very apparent in the show is the role of publicists in today’s media. They run the ‘behind-the-scenes’ lives of today’s celebrities and they control the perception that the public have of celebrities and Connect PR (the agency in the show) is no different. This show highlights different issues that are experienced in the media insudtry and takes us through the process of coordinating press events for the celebrity or charity. Ā Never forget that it is entertainment; but, if you watch the integration of public relations tactics and feel the way they plan events then there is a lesson to be learned (or two). šŸ˜€

Drea xoxo

Run-on Sentences Can Be Short !

September 24, 2010 4 comments

Topic of the week 2 – COMM 4333

This week I had the opportunity to learn about another common mistake in grammar, thanks to Grammar Girl!! (You have to visit her website, its great)

The blog post that I read from her was on the issue of run-on sentences and that they are not necessarily ‘long’. This term “run on” refers to the fact that these sentences are in need of punctuation. My mother is a very strict grammar teacher so while I did have problems with mistakes and errors in my writing, run-ons were not my issue. It is very important to remember that punctuation tells the reader how the sentence should be read, where the pauses go and when the subject changes. We always have to put in correct punctuation when publishing or printing your work because it differentiates an educated writing from amateur writing. Grammar Girl uses theĀ example of, I’m a woman I am a truck driver, being a short run-on sentence. The writer has fused two separate sentences together and there are no internal punctuation marks for the reader. This is an important mistake to notice so that you can make the corrections before a final draft or blog post. She taught us how to fix the run-ons in the sameĀ blog post, so read on to learn the trick.

As with anything, the writer first needs to decide in which tone and meaning is in the sentence, should it have a hard tone or something more conversational. After that is decided, there are many ways to fix this little issue. First, is the mighty comma, a simple but very effective way to correct the run on; also, a semi-colon can be used to fuse the ideas into one sentence.


Regardless of the technique used always include the best fit for your writing style, being true to your flow and your specific assignment. Grammar Girl is a great tool to sharpen your skills in grammar and writing. She always encourages the writer to find their own way to use these techniques and apply great skills in your writing.

Drea xoxo

How Did You Know That? ..Facebook!

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Topic of the Week 1 – COMM 4333

I am involved in all types of social media. Some of my favorites include blogging and facebook because both of them are personalized, I am able to get out information of my own life and create relationships with those who have similar interests. When blogging, I am able to tell a story using both pictures and links into my daily life, both the important and not so important topics. When I write, I am able to tell the story and express myself, which can allow me to have an outlet, a place to be me! I think that is the most unique part of blogs, its just my own personal space on the web. The other type of social media that distracts me from any other work I have to accomplish is facebook. The one source of procrastination for me. But there are many other uses for this website as well. Through facebook people are able to connect and network with each other regardless of their global location. This is used both for social and business reasons, meaning that all types of people and companies flood the airwaves. I love to be on it because my favorite restaurants and retail stores offer discounts and promotions all the time and all my friends are also on facebook. I will be chatting with friends in California while seeing advertisements for stores and seeing pictures from family vacation on the other side of the world. The many aspects of facebook attracts and holds the attention of many different people – making it the biggest social website around. In conclusion, I love social media and do not remember life without it. There are many different aspects and ways to connect with social media but my two favorites are blogging and facebook. I have not yet explored the amazing features of twitter, but once I do, I know that it will be another favorite to add to my list.

Drea xoxo

Legally Blonde

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Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques-6th Edition- D. Wilcox

Chapter 3 Notes – COMM 4333

  • Avoiding legal conflicts can be easy. It is important to follow certain guidelines that will keep everything according to the law, 100 percent.
  • Public relations professionals have the responsibility to write and conduct themselves according to the workings of justice and the law.
  • Libel is a term for injury to ones name and reputation and the collective term for libel is defamation; for when this is an issue on a larger scale. Both of these terms are apart of the situations public relations professionals face on a day to day basis and they are both as important to stay away from.
  • Misappropriating of Personality- result from the unauthorized use of well-known entertainers athletes, figures, etc.

Communication is the Key

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Reading NotesĀ #2 – COMM 4333

Persuasive Speaking

  • Yes-yesstart with points which audience agrees with
  • Offer structure choice- force to choose between A and B
  • Seek partial commitment
  • Ask for more, settle for less.

There are different components of communication that make it effective and positive. In every kind of communication there is a sender and a receiver.

The Public Relations professional is going to want to persuade the other party into what they are promoting .

Persuasive writing involves channeling (targeting a specific publicsā€™ values and offering an idea associated with it), using experts as credible sources to speak on behalf of the idea, situational timing, and motivational slogans. Writing convincingly involves inserting interesting stories, remembering the weight that statistics hold over the readers, relating to emotions, and using examples, supporters, and credible sources.

Get Yourself Organized

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ChapterĀ 1 Reading Notes – COMM 4333

— 4 core concepts of Public relations —





Skills necessary for success in Public Relations

Ā Knowledge of PR

Knowledge of Current Events

Knowledge of business

Knowledge of management

PR Professionals Need To:

Ask yourself key questions about:



Audienceā€™s needs, concerns, interests